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Everything you need to issue tickets, stop scalpers, and take control of the secondary market. Delight your fans and grow your business with Ticket Bridge.

Next gen ticketing

Full Control of every transaction. Stop scalpers, fill every seat with real fans, and bolster revenue with the secondary market.
Unparalleled Data to fuel your growth. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, giving you data you can trust and verify.
Rich Experiences for your fans. Purchases are safe and easy, with mobile tickets to verify at the door.
NFTs to boost the value of your tickets. Transform your tickets into digital collectibles and unlock new sources of revenue.

Your partner in live events

A rock band performing on stage.
Ticket Bridge is more than just your ticketing provider - we're here to help your events succeed. No matter how many tickets you sell, we strive to provide exceptional service. If you need anything, from a custom integration to VIP tickets, we're happy to help.
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Travis Frank
Founder, Ticket Bridge
Hello! I'm Travis, the founder of Ticket Bridge. You may have heard of my work as the founder of Black Tie Productions, an original musical theatre production company in Seattle. I spent 8 years as a professional music director and 4 as an executive producer. I know what it takes to make live events happen, and how hard you're working to get your event on its feet.

I've also been building software for the last 3 years in New York and The Hague. Ticket Bridge is a fusion of my experience in lives events and software: everything I wish I had as a producer.

Let's start planning for your event. I can't wait to meet you.
8 Years
in live events
3.5k Ticket Sales
as executive producer

Our mission

End ticket scalping and restore trust and transparency to the live events industry.